It Takes A Village Lacrosse is a Non-Profit company with a mission to grow the game on a youth level by assisting with donating of equipment to individuals that are unable to afford it

Our Mission

To create opportunities for youth and families in need both domestic and internationally while fueling the growth of the sport of Lacrosse.

It Takes a Village Lacrosse was started by Doug Sarant to help grow the game with its aim being to target families who may not be able to afford the cost that comes with the sport. The goal is to provide full gear to families in need. Doug will be accepting lacrosse equipment/monetary donations ongoing.

Another focus is to encourage and help inner city lacrosse programs get started. Lacrosse is an expensive game so they want to see potential players have the opportunity to play who would otherwise not be able to afford it. It Takes A Village Lacrosse’s initiative is not strictly limited to domestic assistance and is considered a global outreach.

It Takes A Village Lacrosse is based in The Woodlands, TX and we will soon be opening branches in both Fort Lauderdale, FL and Colorado Springs, CO.

The goal is to provide opportunities through the sport of lacrosse to individuals that otherwise may not have those opportunities due to the cost dynamics of the sport of lacrosse.